What Students Say

“The AS Media Center has helped me grow as a photographer as well as an individual. My frequent visits to pick up, return, and reserve equipment has expanded my interest in visual arts. It is great to know that this state-of-the-art equipment is available for us students free of charge because it gives us the opportunity to lear and explore different interests outside of academics.” Pranati Shah, First Year Pre-Biology

“The AS Media Center was a big help through the production process of my short movie. The opportunity of borrowing equipment from them made a big difference in the film’s budget. It counts with a high variety of quality gear and its resources should be explored by any young filmmaker like me.” Silvia Otón, Film Studies

“The AS Media Center is an amazing support every step of the way of the creative process. It’s a collaborative, dynamic space, and everyone involved is so committed to enabling students to create media. As a film major, it’s exciting to see a space on campus where I can get the tools and support to experiment with different forms of media, pursue new projects, and get creative. It’s a friendly and extremely helpful center, and I’m so glad to be involved in it.” Leah Bleich, Film Studies