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Winter 2024 Workshop Wednesdays

Camera Crash Course: Photography Basics with Simone Rotman
January 17 | 4-5pm
Come by the A.S. Media Center to learn introductory photography skills! No prior experience or equipment is necessary. We will provide a few DSLR cameras to practice with, but these are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please feel free to bring your own cameras. This one-hour session will cover the basic setup of the camera, understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as tips for shooting indoors and outdoors. Please feel free to share your unique photography interests— The Creative Media Center is here to support you in creating your vision!

How to Illustrate a UCSB Postcard on Procreate with Sonny Yiu
January 24 | 4-5 pm
Learn how to use the digital illustration app Procreate to make a fun postcard to give to family and friends! We will cover how to use various brushes and tools available on the app such as layering and clipping masks. Take home your own version of this illustration! —>
(You must have or purchase Procreate to use on your iPad!)

Media Literacy: Determining Fact from Fiction in a Misinformation Age
with Leah Bartos & Lisa Osborn
January 31 | 3-4 pm
With more people getting news from social media and other nontraditional news sources, it’s easier than ever for disinformation and misinformation to spread. In this workshop, you will learn how to become a more discerning news consumer (or reporter) by employing journalistic fact-checking skills. Find out how misinformation is consumed, and discover tips for vetting information sources. Plus, learn about the consequences of misinformation and how it’s used as a political tool to consolidate power.

Writing Interactive Stories: Using Twine to Create Branching Narratives
with Ricky Barajas

February 7 | 3-4pm

Learn how to use the open-source program Twine to plan and create narratives for text-based games, fiction, and more! We’ll cover writing and linking passages, and checking links for a brief playthrough.
*Laptops or web-enabled devices required.

Writing for TV & Film
with Sean Lieberman

February 21st | 3-4pm

Ideation, outlining, character creation, world-building, rewriting, and essential tips. A guided tour through the process of creating scripts for screens big and small.

Introduction to Animation: Creating a Simple Loop

Come visit the Creative Media Center to learn how to create a simple looping animation! No prior experience is necessary. The workshop will require a device with an internet connection or pen and paper, but it is up to preference. This one-hour session will cover a brief overview of animation mediums, and go in-depth into a variety of animation techniques such as frame count, tracing, squash and stretch, anticipation, follow through, and timing. At the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with their own short custom animation loop. Please feel free to ask questions and share interests!


Photography Fundamentals with Andy Doerr /An introduction to how cameras work, the key visual elements of photography, and post-production considerations.( Recorded Winter, 2021) 


If you have media skills you’d like to share by teaching a future online workshop contact the center at:


Remember: LinkedIn Learning is available for free to all UCSB student employees, faculty, and staff. Want to learn more about creating media, business organization, and more? LinkedIn Learning provides high quality online courses covering everything from video and sound production to running a meeting as effectively as possible.

We also highly recommend College of Letters & Science IT (LSIT) software workshops. For details, click here.